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Solar Powered Lighting Equipment and Signage
UL Listed

On demand portable solar powered signage and lighting - LED light towers, solar charging stations, and more! 


UL Listed and U.S. Patented!

UL File Number: E509033

UL Sign Accessory

U.S. Patent No. 10,395,568


SALLE Solar Lighting Unit

SALLE - Solar Power Made simple

Solar Power = Smart Power

West Memphis Mall Arkansas Sign Salle Solar Signage Sign UL Approved and US Patent

 SALLE will run 12 hours per day or more with a 3 day minimum reserve. Not only that, but it can automatically switch between batteries. 

Simple to Install - Easy to Use

Ohio State University SALLE Solar Sign and Lighting UL Approved US Patent UL Sign Accessory

The  only thing easier than SALLE's "plug and play" installation is it's  almost non-existent maintenance. SALLE does all the heavy lifting for  you. 

Savings for All

Winn Dixie Salle Solar Powered Signage UL Listed

Get  Up to 3 Days of Power From 1 Single Charge. With SALLE, you can save  your customers a ton of money on electricity and provide a better sign. 

Recent Projects

Cummings Solar Powered Sign SALLE Solar Powered Signage and Lighting UL Listed Approved

Cummings Plant Solar Signage.

LED Light Towers Available.

UL Listed and Approved

UL Listed SALLE Solar Signage and Lighting LED light tower

- 12 Volt or 24 Volt

- 2 Solar Controllers 

- Time Clock and Photocell Enabled

- Fuse Protected Circuits and Fuses

Recent Projects

Solar Power Airport Sign G.V. Sonny Montgomery Complex Air National Guard SALLE Solar UL Listed Signage and Lighting

Air National Guard - Solar Powered Airport Signage 

Solar Powered Charging and Power Stations Available.

SALLE Advantages

Confused on how to start?

UL Listed and Approved. We have done all the hard work by simplifying all calculations based on your location and energy needs. We research three government databases as well as our existing product operations to ensure you receive adequate collection for your specific area. We explain solar operations in plain English to allow our consumers to make educated choices when deciding to deploy solar power for themselves.

Equipment built for Commercial Standards - UL Listed and Approved

Our products are setting the standard for solar signage and lighting. We have applied for patents on our industrial circuit boards and controls. Designed to outlast your sign with 500,000 cycle contactors, 2 year battery life on 7 day 17 event time clock, photo controller all included as standard. Five year warranty on all parts, two years on batteries, spare fuses, manuals and support included.

Controls are extremely flexible

New SALLE products are coming soon with continuing R&D seeking to provide the very best ideas for a rapidly growing market! Our system is designed to make your install the easiest, fastest and fool proof experience possible with easily understood manuals, diagrams, pictures and always a phone call if needed to answer all your specific questions or concerns.

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