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Solar Powered Lighting Equipment and Signage.

SALLE Light Tower

The Most Simple, Cost-Effective Solution to Outdoor Lighting. 

Shine Brighter

- Built for 12 or 24 Volt 

- Easy Access Controls

- Dual Battery Chargers -  Unit can be    charged Solar or 120 Volt

- Time Clock & Photo Control Enabled

- Optional CCTV with DVR Add ons Available

Dependability Guaranteed

- Made in the USA

- 5 Year Warranty on Components 

- 2 Year Warranty on  Batteries 

- 25-Year Rated Panels

- Solar Powered Light Tower

- Outdoor Solar Power Lighting

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Salle Solar Light Tower Video

Salle Solar Light Tower

Solar Powered Light Tower

1. Hook It Up & Tow It Out


Easily towed by most vehicles
(Can be towed by any vehicle 960-1,100 lbs) 

2. Unfold Solar Panels


Compact by design for portability.
(7’6”L x 4’6”W x 7’8”H when stowed) 

3. Extend Mast


That's it! In just 10 minutes, you're ready to go.
(Mast Extends to 28') 

Safe and Secure


Custom security features available such as surveillance cameras, wheel locks and hitch locks.  

Easy to Setup


Tested and Trusted Parts

Custom Designs and Features


Our solar light towers can be made to fit your needs.